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Timea Mehesz

Tímea Méhész

Jewelry Designer

My past guides my future

Everyone's greatest desire in life is to have a profession that gives them satisfaction and pleasure.

I am thankful enough to have this gift. My love for the arts started during my childhood years when I sewed little dresses for my dolls. I went onto college to practice and learn my passion and graduated as a fashion engineer.

My life took a quick turn when I moved from my home in Hungary to my new home in the US where I started my family.

I shifted my focus from fabrics to silversmithing. I’ve had the ability to master the craft of silversmithing allowing me to take it in a direction where the soul plays a role in the life of the jewelry. I have reimagined and upscaled objects and formed them into jewelry. These pieces hold memories, tell stories and retain the essence of human destinies.

All portrayed a story that I captured in my book. I am a self-published author learning the process along the way. I am proud to say that my book won “The Best Print Hungary 2019” an award that shows my dedication to anything I work towards.

My book, The Secrets of a Jewelry Box, the first version in Hungarian in my mother tongue, was born from the presentation of my own memories. The objects that come to life, that tell their stories and continue to live their lives in the form of jewelry. For me, they also exude a form of self-confidence, inner balance, and enrapturing a more beautiful soul.

As this continued it sparked my interest in the spiritual side of life. I felt connections with certain pieces with having certain meanings. Diving deeper into my new studies of tarot cards and spirituality.

As time progresses, I take my old project and repurpose it to the next level, where I am now with my Secrets of The Jewelry Box Tarot.  

Throughout my years, I have accumulated and developed many talents in different areas of design.

These include, fashion, jewelry, flower, graphic design, spiritual coach, tarot & astrology reader.

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