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Each jewelry box serves as a reflection of an individual's personality, encapsulating the untold stories hidden within. From old breastpins to bone diadems, each piece carries tales from past ages.

Where did that silver spoon bracelet originate? How many years did those cone-shaped baroque pearls rest in the depths of the water? Whose slender waist once adorned that curly belt in a bygone century?

The answers lie within the refurbished pieces themselves. As eager hands sift through the jewelry box, they seek to unravel the secrets and uncover the wellsprings of inspiration for Timea. Through her creative vision, she breathes new life into each piece, infusing them with vitality and purpose.

Pink Coral
Lapis and Jade
Russian Filigree

Filigree bracelet

The Russian filigree bracelet, a cherished gift from her father during her youth, remained tucked away in her jewelry box for years. It wasn't until we crossed paths that I transformed its style, turning it into a one-of-a-kind jewelry set.

Christening present

During the era of Franz Joseph, her great-grandfather served in the military. Remarkably, when her grandfather was born, Franz Joseph assumed the role of godfather. A precious jewel, gifted by Franz Joseph, adorned the baptism ceremony.

The exact nature of this jewel from that time remains a mystery. However, today, it has been meticulously reconstructed. 

This cherished piece holds significant sentimental value, serving as a poignant reminder of her great-grandfather's legacy.

Bride & Bridesmaids ring

She harbored a desire to bestow a unique gift upon her bridesmaids for her special day. Together, we deliberated on the choice of a stone that would complement all the dresses. It was envisioned as a gift that each of them could cherish and wear, serving as a lasting memento of the wedding day.

Grandmother's comb

She inherited a vintage comb from her grandmother, longing to give it new life. Through careful reconstruction, it was transformed into a bracelet adorned with coral enhancements. What was once a tool used to brush her grandmother's hair now graces her wrist, a tangible connection to the past woven into her present.

Swarovski globe