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Each jewelry box reflects that individuals personality and the stories that are hidden within them. The stories of the old breast pins, and bones to diadems ranging to the past ages.


Where did that silver spoon bracelet come from?

How many years have those cone shaped baroque-pearls laid in the depths of the water? Who had that slender waist to wear that curly belt in the past century?

The answers are found upon the refurbished pieces. And as the hands of an eager onlooker scrummages through the jewelry box, to understand the secrets and the sources of inspiration for Timea and how she serves to create new forms of life for all the pieces to bring them to life.

Pink Coral
Lapis and Jade
Russian Filigree

Filigree bracelet

The Russian filigree bracelet was received from her father when she was a young girl. It stayed in her jewelry box for years until we met and I changed the style into a unique jewelry set.

Christening present

Her great-grandfather was in the military service during the time of Franz Joseph. When her grandfather was born, Franz Joseph became the godfather of her grandfather. This was the jewel at the baptism that was brought to them from Franz Joseph. ⁣

It is not possible to know what exactly this jewel was back then, but today, it is a reconstructed piece and has become a memorable piece especially for her to remember her great-grandfather. ⁣

Bride & Bridesmaids ring

She had a wish to have a special gift for her bridesmaids on her special day. We discussed the particular stone that would go with all the dresses. It was a gift that all of them could continue to wear and remember that wedding day. 

Grandmother's comb

Her grandmother had a vintage comb that she wanted to repurpose. It was reconstructed into a bracelet with coral enhancements. A piece that was once used to brush her grandmother's hair to being able to wear it on her wrist today. 

Swarovski globe

She loved the small black globe that was once part of a Swarovski jewelry. She trusted me, and asked for a custom piece of this particular jewelry. This became the final product from the little black globe. This bracelet can be worn with an additional lace or without.  

Father's cufflinks