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The Eight of Wands

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

The 78 symbolic Secrets of the jewelry box Tarot cards are configured by the pictorial concepts from my jewelry, which I transformed them from memorable objects.

The element of fire shines through on this mysterious flame of coral set in sterling silver that were once silver parts of leftover metal that have come together from different spoons and any other scraps of remaining objects. I melt these together and afterward, I am able to work with them and form them. The melted pieces have all the energy from these remaining little pieces. That is why even the smallest of pieces are small but powerful.

The Eight of Wands is about motion and flow. The coral in this pendant has life and movement and a change in a trajectory that seems to be pointing to a new direction. It’s not a sharp turn or a straight downward path, but a graceful shift - one that can be traveled with grace. If you feel as if you were catapulted into the air, the coral in The Eight of Wands suggests that you can allow the momentum to carry you through to a safer landing - but not in the same spot you were in. You will enter a new space.

The Major Arcana card that rules the Eight of Wands is Sagittarius, a wanderer and truth seeker that thrives on the philosophy of tempering elements without destroying their properties but creating a new alloy. As the coral in the necklace traveled from the ocean depths into the fiery atmosphere. This necklace holds the secrets of a journey that was transformative.

The Eight of Wands has a planetary influence of Mercury – The God of Travel. That coupled with the wanderlust persona of Sagittarius suggests that there will be movement, travel, or a change in course for you. You can be sure that this coral pendant holds the secrets of your travels.

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