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-Kalotaszegi Purse

-dimention: 20x25x3 cm

-material: Kalotaszegi-stitch and silk fabrics, metal handle

-please allow 2-3 days to ship

-International shipping: Kindly contact me first at before proceeding with any payment to calculate your shipping charges.

-handcrafted in the USA

Kalotaszegi Purse(black)

  • Transforming a Hungarian vintage hand-stitched Kalotaszegi motif into a fashionable purse is a captivating blend of tradition and contemporary style. The intricate embroidery, once adorning a decorative pillow, now finds new life as the centerpiece of a chic accessory. Against a backdrop of softly colored grey, the intricate white stitches form a mesmerizing pattern, echoing the rich cultural heritage of Hungary's Kalotaszeg region. 

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