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Bracelets reborn
Unique Style
Jewelry, Book and Tarot deck
E & T Design by Timea Mehesz

Jewelry's Reborn

I mastered the craft of silversmithing and took it in a direction where the soul also play a role in the life of jewelry. I have  reimagined and upscaled these objects and formed them into jewelry, holding memories, telling stories and retaining the essence of human destinies. These are not only ornate ornaments worn on the body but pieces that have a one of a kind effect on the soul. 

Rings from memories

Secrets of the Jewelry Box 

I am a self-published author of the book, The Secrets of the Jewelry Box, written in Hungarian. It was created to present the memories of these once forgotten objects. Now, they are no longer forgotten, these objects come to life, tell stories, and continue their lives in the form of jewelry.

Egy ékszerdoboz titkai

Secrets of the Jewelry Box Tarot

For many years now, the world of esotericism, the immortality of the soul, has intrigued me. I have a feeling that I’ve existed in the past and brought a lot of knowledge with me. Maybe that’s why I mastered the craft of silversmithing so quickly.

Secrets of the jewelry box Tarot-Relaunch is on Kickstarter

Secrets of the jewelry box Tarot

Watch an Introduction

Would you like to see, how a memorable object transform into jewelry?

Why I published my book? How I got the idea to create my Tarot cards?

All the questions will be answered in my YouTube video.  

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